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That's kinda what I was afraid of, but I guess I needed to hear it from others.

When they made plans to move, it was pretty much a done deal without my input. The wife did mention wanting me to live closer to them, but with the way the shape the economy has been in, I wouldn't have been able to risk losing my job security and benefits. If I lose my job, I would have to have a complete career change and take a huge loss of pay because my position is nearly obsolete. If I were to lose my job anytime soon, I might be inclined to take a risk and start somewhere new, so it remained in my thoughts. Considering how much time I have invested with this company and the pay and benefits involved, it seems logical to me to ride this out as long as I can.

Last year, my mom, who is my paternal grandmother who raised and adopted me since I was 5, was diagnosed with cancer, so that really made me re-think my priorities in life. I live an hour away from my mom and even that has been hard on me. My mom has been through several chemo treatments and is now currently awaiting tests to see if she is in the clear or not. She is due to turn 80 next month. Whether or not she is in the clear, my time with her is limited and so I have made an internal vow that I will make use of that time by remaining within driving distance to my mom for as long as she lives.

Once I made that internal decision (which was last month), it left me to wonder what to do about the current state of my relationship with the married couple and whether or not we could attempt to still maintain a long distance relationship and see what the future holds down the road. The longer the time has passed, the more distant we have become. That is what prompted me to write them that letter asking them for time to get together and chat and get everything out on the table to see how everyone feels and where we stand. Their lack of response and not willing to set aside time for me has really opened my eyes. In a way, I feel like I don't want to give up, wondering if I have done all that I can to attempt to maintain our relationship or at least find closure.
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