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Woot, thought-police. My favourite.

If the nature of your relationship, is one where you can be blunt and have fun with things,..then there is no 'pain' or anything wrong with being blunt and cheeky. You don`t need to tippy-toe around each others' fuzzy little hearts,
( as an example.) as long as you are considerate and sincere in actions, and serious discussion.

If the nature of your relationship, is one where you dont normally say blunt, things and jokes of that nature, then it might be shocking and cruel.

If someone was always being 'sensitive' and well, honestly, as humourless as this board can be, it wouldn`t make it to date #2 with me. So lets not paint everyone with the same brush. I`ve had other females and males complain to me privately about this too,,`s not just me.

..Ok, back to your regular, debatable stuff.

P.S.- I use 'off fucking some dude' type of language all the time. I am most definitely,..not a man.
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