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Originally Posted by SoCalDoc View Post
Good point. I apologize for being vulgar and/or unkind. I have poly tendencies myself, so I should be more compassionate. I just hope the OP thought this through carefully before sending his wife off on her love mission.
I over analyze every detail of my life. I thought about this week every second of every day I was awake for a month before she went. So yes, I've thought this through. I weighed the pros and cons of letting her go, the fact that she's seeing someone that I know and talk to from time to time, the fact that if he isn't discrete this could hurt a friendship I have with another mono couple we know, and way way more that I don't want to get into right now. Trust me when I say I have thought about this very, very often. I am constantly reevaluating my decision even now and my mind hasn't changed. I'm happy for her.
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