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Default So, how does it work?

So, after finally having this conversation with my fiance, who was very shocked..
For now we agreed that he won't get pissed off hen I go to hang out with her and that she can come more often an even stay here to sleep (and he will sleep in another room or something)
For now this is the best I could get
But I guess I have to be happy with that.. and whatever future brings..

But I don't know how to deal with my feelings.. whenever I think of the girl, and I do that A LOT I feel sort of bad, whenever I think of him, I feel bad, I am full of anxiety and can't let go of it..

I want them both to be happy with whatever is happening and I feel like I am failing... I don't want to give up on any of them so that's not an option..

We are supposed to go to our friend how are leading this kind of a relationship so that my friend can talk to my boyfriend and tell him that he is not being left out and all that stuff.. it seems that it is how he feel that there is "no more us" and it is so not true...

How these things work really?
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