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Originally Posted by ThatGirlInGray View Post
*nods* With how much the flight costs, you feel like you have to make the visit worth the time and money. Every trip I've ever taken out of state to see someone I had a relationship with has been at least 4 days, and up to 9, I think. When my partner visits me and my husband he stays with us for 10 days. I'll try to get hubby over to this thread after work today in case he has any insightful comments or advice, having been in a similar position to you!
Yeah we got a pretty good round trip deal but it still was expensive enough that we didn't think it made sense for her to only go for a couple days. Although she's only been out there two days and I already feeling the pressure of going home to an empty, quiet house. It's not unbearable yet but I made the joke to her today that by monday I was going to be a broken man, lol.

Originally Posted by Pretzels View Post

I live in the city during the week for work (the commute would drive me insane) and then go home to the guys on the weekends. I've never been a big one for bars or staying out ridiculously late, so I take the time alone during the week to do the things I know the guys aren't huge fans of.

Emotionally, though, it can really suck. We're a MMF triad where there is some level of physical contact between each of us. Do I like sleeping alone most every night? No. But, the nights I can't be with T or E, I know they're at home probably talking in bed until they fall asleep at home. Focus on the good your being selfless for your wife is doing for her if you can.
I've gone gambling twice since she's been gone. She doesn't dislike it but the closest casino is an hour away and she doesnt want me tossing money away so I am taking this opportunity to go as much as possible. Tonight I actually asked a girl over. She's someone I know from work but I don't work directly with her and the place I work is huge so it's not like it would ever get super awkward. Anyway I told this girl about everything and she made it abundantly clear she is asexual. She's 27 and has never had a boyfriend and has no interest in romance. Crap. Oh well. She's still cool. We played super mario bros wii for several hours and some Mario party 8. It was fun times. I'm also going to a concert on Saturday. Overall katie has no problem with any of this but leaving her at home with the kids all the time gets old so I come home to help her out as much as I can.

I've committed to not texting her unless she texts me first or it's an emergency. Minus when I freaked out because I wasn't sure if she was safe I have kept to that. I'm proud of myself for not hugging the shit out of her.

Originally Posted by SoCalDoc View Post
Wow, this is the real deal. Your wife is off, far away, getting f****d by some other guy, gazing into his eyes, moaning w pleasure, maybe falling in love w him. That's polyamory. Sorry to be blunt, but hey, that's what you signed up for. Embrace it. There's no going back. Are you sure you want this? If so, be strong. There are meaningful perks.
Not sure what the point of being so crude was. I feel like I need to defend my wife here. She's not some slut. It's not like the second the plane touched the ground she was naked and going to town on this guy. I'd appreciate it if you didn't talk about my wife like that.

Originally Posted by Monochrome View Post
You feel how you feel. When Gray has gone off to visit, I worry over her travelling alone, but I have known the people she was visiting quite well myself, and trusted her judgement of them, so I never really worried about her safety with them or what she was doing with them. It sounds like you are in much the same situation, so doesn't seem at all odd to me.
thanks for coming and sharing your experiences. This is the first serious anything for us so it's hard. Do you remember the first time grey went away? I assume you guys didn't jump into it head first like we did. I wish the ordeal were reversed, really. I think I would have been more alright with them having sex somewhere nearby so I could talk to her after it happened. Not that they have had sex yet but as it stands I barely am hearing from her as is. We talked for a little bit earlier today but I miss talking to my best friend about work, or calling her on my way home. Or any of that. Just the amount of silence is unnatural to me.

Thanks again for responding, everyone.
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