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WOW dude. Are you my twin?

as in no two being more exclusive. I know there are many polyamorous relationships like this, but from my personal experiences, most polyamorous relationships I see deal with a couple that has already been dating many years, take on a third person. Also many times, while it seems to work sexually for a small time, that the third can cause issues, by sometimes feeling like he has come in between.
So I guess I'm seeking feedback on my idea of my polyamory. Ideally, I would like a relationship of 4 people, even three guys and one girl. Almost like a family, but like in a sexual way... which sound REALLY weird to me! so I was hoping to try and find a place to talk about this where it seems more normal.
I think that's the cool thing about polyamory - its roots give us "many love", which can be interpreted in so many ways. I feel like it's a really fluid kind of word, so I wouldn't worry about having the right or wrong idea. I have this fantasy of building a "commune" with 20+ people that are all just free-lovin', in an abundant atmosphere. Plenty of good food, time, love, cooperation... my (perhaps naive) dream is that with so much abundance, there won't be any reason for jealousy to rear its ugly head in any context. Instead of one person wiggling in with two, it's an entire community embracing that person, and everyone else. I think that's a version of polyamory, and there are plenty others.

Funny though - I'm from MA too. I grew up in central MA and went to school at UMass amherst. I'm also a bit of an adrenaline junky (skydiving, motorcycles, boxing, rock climbing, autocross (car's prepped, now I need to find time )).

I *also* moved out when I was younger, so I feel ya on the independence. And I think tomboys are hella sexy .

Sweet knowing I have a twin out there. Do you have asthma too?!

I'm curious though - Are you at all technically inclined? I feel like knowing another language makes you VERY marketable (read: exploitable) in the consulting industry, especially if paired with any kind of technical skills.

Cheers man and welcome!

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