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Default Too much information

Having been on PolyamoryDotCom for about a week, I've taken a breath and looked around. After, in my typical fashion, gushing all over my profile with information and photos, I started checking other profiles to discover that it's an ocean of anonymity around here. Succinct isn't the word for it, ironclad security seems to be the preference. Like they say in the CIA, "Do you have a need to know?"

Of course, I'm not the mayor in my town, and I don't work for the government, or a big corporation, and I'm not applying to law school... yet.. and i don't think anybody, even my home remodeling clients care what websites I frequent at night. Neither do my friends... especially not my friends. Hmmm... do I have the right friends? So, if anyone I know were to find me on this site, well, all I could say is... hey, let's talk.

So, just curious, why so secretive everyone? Maybe you've got really good reasons.
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