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Default Long Distance Woes

Over 6 years ago, I met and developed a relationship with a married couple. 3 years into the relationship, they moved several states away. Even though we have opened up the terms of our relationship, I feel like it is waning between us and I really don't want it to. The more time passes, the more distant they seem to become. I wonder if it is unrealistic of me to believe that it could survive somehow?

My first instinct was to talk to them about my concerns about feeling like we are growing distant and whether we want to try to find other ways to continue to develop our relationship or move on. I wrote to them both early last week asking if they'd be willing to set aside some time for the upcoming weekend to chat online and discuss our relationship and how we feel about things.

I didn't hear from either one of them for 2 or 3 days, so I inquired again about what they wanted to do. The husband said that he was up for it, but didn't know when since he didn't know what all was planned for that weekend. Then the wife finally responded late that same evening about being sidetracked and suggested that maybe we could chat sometime that evening. I told her that I already had plans that evening and that there was a reason why I requested earlier in the week for them to set aside some time this weekend. I even suggested that if this weekend wasn't a good time, then perhaps maybe next weekend?

Yet again, the next day I never heard back from them. I told them they weren't being very responsive. The wife finally responded and told me about all the things they did over the weekend and that she couldn't provide an answer because she didn't have one to give yet. I told her that if she didn't want to make plans with me that weekend, then she should have just said so in the first place. She keeps saying that she doesn't know what her schedule looks like.

It's been over a week and they have not yet attempted to follow up with me on trying to make any time to chat with me. Am I missing something? Am I asking too much for them to set aside some time to talk? Is there a different way I should be approaching this? Is this the beginning of the end? I would love to hear from an outsider's point of view.
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