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Hi everyone!

Quick summary:

I've been poly for about two years now.

My primary open long term relationship boyfriend calls me "a high-drive, high self-esteem good girl who doesn't pull her punches." We'll call him "A." I also swing with him.

My secondary OLTR has met my primary several times, and so far they get along well. We'll call him "S".

A and I have been together since August 2010. S and I have been together since March 2011.

My relationships are well-maintained and I live by myself.

I'm looking to make some friends and get some advice from those of you have have relationships longer than 2 years under your belts!


Me: Mid-Twenties. Bi-sexual, but not bi-emotional. My open poly boyfriend: Wolfwood. My mono-boyfriend: Russo.
My blog; sexually-explicit posts locked under friends-only. Friend to read: Polygoodgirl
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