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Is there anyway you can move out?

Moving in with them puts a tremendous amount of stress on your new relationship. You need time to figure out what you want and what you need out of these relationships. It sounds like you aren't really sure what you need to feel comfortable and it's a rocky if not impossible road to figure that out all under the same roof especially if you don't feel like you have a place that is your own.

I don't know about other people but when I was in my first poly relationship I needed time and space to step back and check in with myself about how I was feeling. I had a tendency to "protect" my partners from my emotions, fears and insecurities in some ill guided attempt to be "easy".

When I started I didn't know I could ask for the things I wanted or needed.

Have you expressed these fears to your partners?
What is the game plan about living together, is this temporary or are you looking for a place of your own?
Ideally what would your relationship with her look like?
What would your relationship with him look like?
What would your relationship with them look like?
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