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This was the best definition I ever read, to describe 'Lover-Friends'. Not written by me, and totally stolen from Fetlife. I think it is worth repeating.

' I identify as an Ethical Slut: Friendsexual Class. I myself cherish my Friends in ways society tells us we're not supposed to. I call any Friend of mine I'm able to have sex with my 'Lover-friend.' These individuals can rely upon me for any need they may have, yet retain the freedom to do whatever they want to. The boundaries, while there, are more broad then those of existing relationship structures. It's casual in that sense of the word, yet I don't believe in NSA as the act of sex itself is a "string". Instead, I value each "string" for its own individual length and color. '

I`ve also called it : 'Love-NSA'

The above does not mean I find casual sex of no value.
I can totally see a place for it, and do not find myself afraid of it.

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