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Default Too all respondents... thanks

I am touched and grateful that anyone would care to respond to my fever post. And, at the same time, I realize how easily what I thought I was saying can be heard as something else. As in all maladies, one can live with the fever, do nothing (but breath deep and rest), and eventually the fever will lift. Which is, to some degree what has happened in the last few days. But not entirely.

Red Pepper acknowledged the immediacy of my need and NYCindie validated the depth of it. CuriousMuse confirmed the complexity and risk involved in an impulsive encounter, and, as she says, the potential hurt, either to me or to the woman, if either appears to have exploited the other.

I'm grieving from the loss of my last relationship and want relief from the grief. I want both explosive thrust of satisfaction (as in Stravinky's Rite of Spring) as well as the intense confirmation of that eye to eye "look deep in your soul." It makes me feel like a whole person.

All of which is short term consolation. And, that may be OK. But, I'm here in this forum to see if there is not another solution that I have yet to learn.

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