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Thanks BU! Guess it's about time for an update. Runic Wolf has been seeing someone for almost 2 weeks. Wow, has time flown. She's someone we meet about a year ago at a poly munch; but he reconnected with after they were matched on OKCupid. What is funny about it is that while they were getting to know each other online, she and I were planning the latest poly munch. . . . they had their first date the night before the munch and it was an 8 hour date. The munch was awesome as well and we ended up going back to her place with her hubby to meet the family and have some drinks with her sisters. We ended up staying until noon the next day. So far things have been going really well. She and her husband came and stayed with us from last Thurs until Sunday. Her sister brought her boys over to play with our son Saturday and they all had fun.

Both her and her husband are awesome people that I can see in our lives for a while and damn, is she hot and bi too! I was pleasantly surprised that she was interested in me too and not just for threesomes with Runic Wolf. She hasn't had a girlfriend in 2 years, but she is also still inlove with her last gf, so she understands me still having feelings for Pretty Lady. We're having a sewing date on Friday after I get off work and she and Runic Wolf have a date while I'm at work.

Today I had a long date with Wendigo. We made cheese cake, flirted in the kitchen all day, had sex while Runic Wolf and Yoda were at Yoda's schools puberty talk/ video night, sat out on the porch in the nice weather while we talked, smoked, and watched the stars rise. Then we made a ham for dinner for the 4 of us, had a friend over for game, cuddled, and I passed out in a food coma while he and Runic Wolf talked comics. I awoke to them talking about Star Wars and got ready to take Wendigo home. We ended up sitting in his driveway for half an hour chatting about an online RPG he's in and how things are going.

Only downside to my awesome day/ week is that I now have insomnia and have to get up and ready for work in like 6 hours.

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