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Originally Posted by Phy View Post
I haven't posted there as well for nearly the same reasons...It seems a bit conceited to talk about success when you haven't been around for that long sometimes
glad I'm not the only one...thanks! (I love the internet...and these forums...If I'm off my rocker at least I have company! And if I'm not... then I still have company.)

Originally Posted by Phy View Post
I just stick to my blog for those reports up to now.
I thought about that - but didn't want to derail my own blog - I'm telling a linear story there and jumping to "now" would drive me NUTS. (again with the OC tendencies )

So I thought about starting a second blog for random thoughts and rants...but (1) that seemed a bit "too much" somehow, and (2) I fear I would be tempted to write more on the "random" blog with whatever ShineyNewIdea popped into my head (I tend to experience a form of NRE with the thoughts in my own head ) ...and I'd never get around to finishing the "homework" I assigned myself on the first blog...

Ack! I think too damn much


PS. Phy - I believe read one of your posts somewhere where you were describing a lazy lolling morning with your guys (please forgive me if I have the wrong V/triad) - one was on the computer and there was sex involved and everyone was comfy and fun. I smiled and wiggled when I read it and thought. "Yes...this!" It is these type of moments that contribute to the fulfillment and satisfaction that I feel.
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