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Originally Posted by Hodge View Post
I find it also really hard not to over-worry and over-interpret signs... maybe you've made similar experiences, Mono? You know, you look at the way she phrases certain things, the way she chooses to respond to certain things you say, and you immediately start asking yourself whether it's a signal that something's different... I'm still trying to wrap my heart around the notion of love as something that's not measurable... about notions of sufficiency, or "secondary" not necessarily meaning "less loved"... I can understand these things rationally, but my gut doesn't process them as easily.

My friend ,you have no idea how I use to see and interpret things LOL!! I was the depiction of walking paranoia. That eased with time for me but I am right with Redpepper. When we didn't get to see each other for a couple a days I would get weirded out and feel disconnected. We both still feel the disconnect if we go too long without at least seing each other briefly.
She is right in assuming I couldn't do the LDR thing in our mono/poly relationship. That doesn't mean you can't though. It just wouldn't be healthy for me which would make it unhealthy for her.
I don't like to see people end things prematurely or not take as much positive from every relationship, but I do like people to be realistic and keep their mental health in mind when facing these challenges.

You have already shown great strenght in my eyes.
Take care

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