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Originally Posted by StreetRacer View Post
wow JaneQ thank you for the response!
and i see what you mean about meeting and growing at the same time
You're welcome and I'm happy for any insight I provided!

Originally Posted by StreetRacer View Post
I see your relationship in your sig, it seems really interesting could you possibly tell me more about it, or do you have a thread
this is all new to me... and what is a unicorn hunter?? lol
Easier question first - unicorn hunters (as I have seen it used on this site) are couples like in your post: "a couple that has already been dating many years, [who want to] take on a third person" - they are searching for a "mythical creature" (the unicorn) - the polyamorous bisexual single woman who will love them both equally (and ideally exclusively?) and "complete" their idealized triad. (If you go to "Search" and then "Tag Search" and click on "unicorn hunting" you can see other threads on this topic). What frequently comes up in conversation is the point that I made in my posts to you - that not all relationships grow/develop along the same trajectory.

As to my relationship(s) blog hasn't caught up with my life so there are only bits and pieces scattered around, and it's a fairly long story (or I am long-winded...)

To summarize...I am bi and poly and from the beginning of my relationship with MrS I was completely free to pursue relationships with women in whatever way I saw fit. For 19 years this worked out fine and then he brought home Dude (who he had been friends with for several years before I met him) and he was hanging out with us several nights a week. Stuff happened...turmoil ensued...boundaries were renegotiated...other stuff happened...AND...Dude somehow never left to go home. Now I live with my husband and my boyfriend (who are best friends)...perhaps for "Happily Ever After" (you do believe in fairy tales, don't you?) but certainly for "Happily Right Now" . And I never saw it coming...

PS. I'd be happy to answer any specific questions you have but didn't know exactly where your interest was - so gave a broad answer.

PostPS. Most people would NOT recommend moving your OSO ("Other Significant Other") into the house right from the beginning - but instead giving the relationship the time to solidify and get through the throes of NRE ("New Relationship Energy") before trying cohabitation. We been lucky (so far) - probably because MrS and Dude were already friends and Dude was already a fixture in our lives - just moved from sleeping on the couch to sleeping in the bed.
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