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Default Young poly couple for boy (mw4m), LA

We live together and go to college. We both study music, and love nature, and the outdoors. Some people call us hippies, but I try to keep the labels to a minimum. We are very green minded, and love to travel on cross country camping expeditions. We have very open religious beliefs, I claim Unitarian Universalism, and she claims none in particular. I'm a Gemini, she's an Aquarius. I'm gay, she's straight-ish. We have a wonderful relationship together, never fighting ever, we are very secure in our love. I have always been gay, and thus wanted to be with a guy, but I fell in love with this girl who I believe is my soulmate, we never wanted to part. We have reached this point together, where we are able and ready to welcome a new boy into our lives to share our love.

We are both 21 and intrested in someone around our age, (18-28ish). I'll talk to anyone who talks to me, no matter where you live. We know there's a cool hippie boy out there somewhere for us. If we like you enough, we may even come visit.

As far as music we like every thing, but mostly We like Reggae, Pink Floyd, The Greatful Dead, and Animal Collective.
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