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Similar reaction here, you go girl!

The NRE thing really interesting! I do think mine ended a bit sooner (though I couldn't set a definite date, more like phasing out), but my hots for Ally wasn't a signifying thing. On the contrary, when at the hight of NRE I felt totally overflowing with affection in general as well as towards Mya. So for me NRE doesn't have such an effect where I don't have interest for other people, too.

I'm totally looking forward to seeing Mya in a few days time! We have been skyping a lot, and hot plans have been discussed. Obviously I also want cuddles and hugs and closeness. That is what I usually miss the most when we're apart. Right now, though, I'm missing sexual action at least as much. Maybe cause we've been talking about it somewhat more... Well, enough of that now.
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