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Since we know we're moving soon, we've been going through stuff to throw away and there's loads! We're moving from a house to a smaller apartment so we have to get rid of a lot of things. I find it kind of therapeutic. It feels good to leave the old stuff behind and just bring with me the things I really like or need. Kinda symbolic.

I'm going to see rory again in a few days, yey! I'm so happy that we've been able to arrange seeing each other almost every month. This time I'm spending about 5 days there. After that I'm going to spend 3 days in Dream City. One of my friends there has a birthday and I'm attending to her party and see some other friends during the visit too. It's always so great to go to Dream City, walk the streets and dream about which parts of the city I would like to live in, what kind of apartment I would have, what would be my nearest park.. Only 6 months to go! Before that there's still the other move, out of this house.

I've been thinking about something lately. I think I've felt the NRE effect a bit longer than rory has. I've noticed in the past that even though I have crushes on people quite easily, they don't occur when I'm starting out a new relationship. When I started dating JJ, there was at least a year when I didn't have crushes on anybody else. I guess that's one of the effects of my NRE that are quite clear to me. When I start to have crushes for other people, that's when I know my NRE phase is over. That's the main reason I had some negative feelings (small, but anyway I had them) when rory told me she was interested in sleeping with Ally. I felt like she had stopped being in NRE with me when I was still feeling it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that even if it was so, although it also could've been that rory experiences NRE differently than I do. In the moment though I felt like we weren't in the same place with our feelings and that was the thing that made a bit sad. The reason why I'm bringing this up again is that I feel like finally my NRE is gone. First of all, now that I think about rory and Ally, I think 'go for it!'. I don't feel bad about it anymore, not even the tiny bit I did before. I also feel super confident in our relationship so that's also one thing that makes me feel at ease if she's with someone new. And the last thing how I know my NRE is over: I've started to think about sleeping with other people. Especially this one guy I know. He's a friend of mine. Well, we're not very close friends but we hang out often because we have a mutual friend and that's how we've gotten to know each other a bit. I don't have a crush on him, he's not someone I would date (too masculine), but I find myself thinking about him just sexually. He's in an open relationship so we could do it without hurting anyone. So..let's see how it goes.
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