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First: *HUGS*

Second: No, you're NOT a slut. Or worthless.

Third: I'm so, SO sorry you find yourself in this situation. He sounds emotionally abusive, "punishing" you and threatening you like that. You are under no obligation to have ANY sex with him, let alone only when he wants to or on his time table.

It's not my place to say whether or not he loves you, but I can say that from what you've posted he does not seem to be acting in a loving manner towards you. A loving person wouldn't be trying to make you feel like a bad person. I'm perpetually messy too, and sometimes it annoys my husband, especially as I'm home with the kids while he works, but he ASKS me to work on changes. Being messy in no way makes you a bad person. It just makes you, well, messy.

Also, in regards to living on your own, plenty of students with part-time jobs find roommates to make rent. It IS possible, even if you have no other friends or family locally that you can crash with. No offense to your other guy, but I wouldn't want to live in Edmonton either!

I definitely think therapy, both individual and couples, is needed for you both. If he doesn't want to, then you at least need to go for yourself to get you out of the mental space you're currently in. Helpless and hopeless are horrid feelings, but they don't have to last forever. And you are most definitely NOT alone!
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