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Ummm...sounds about perfect to me. You've apparently dealt with any negative emotions as they've come up, either by waiting them out or digging to find the causes (you don't say which). Don't feel like you're required to feel a bunch of positive emotions either, though. You don't HAVE to be thrilled for her or excited/turned on by the thought of her having sex with someone else.

I tend to think of it as similar to my husband or partner going to hang out with a friend- yes, I miss them while they're gone and sometimes I'm jealous (especially with my LDR partner) that someone else gets to spend time with them and I don't, but mostly I'm just hanging out, doing my own thing, not really thinking about it. I know where they are and who they're with and unless they come back with fun/funny stories to share that's about all I'll ever know. I'm not usually super-stoked for them to be hanging out with someone else but if they tell me they had a good time when they get back I'll be happy for them.

Take everything in the above paragraph and replace "hanging out with a friend" with "on a date" or "having sex with someone else" and it sounds like where you're at. At this point worrying about her traveling makes TOTAL sense to me, so I hope her trip goes smoothly and you continue feeling (or "not feeling") like you do now!
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