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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
In the original post you said you're alright with finding both sexual and emtional satisfaction from others ....but you didn't think your wife had that view....or did I get that wrong.

It sounds like she has no interest in communications about these other partners.

Which is a problem if that's something that would make this work for you.

How long have you been married. Is this both your 1st.

Does she have a partner yet....or gone on dates?
Oh I stated it incorrectly. I meant her view is different on what it means to be open. We have been married just over a year and it's both of our first marriage and open relationship. I think she's actively seeking just not informing me that she is. Which you are correct in saying its a major factor to make it work for me
I need her honesty to maintain the trust in our primary relationship
Balance-29 year old married seeking female partner
Nikki -29 bisexual woman married to me
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