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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Did you read the article excerpted from and linked to in the OP of the thread?

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
(Sex) it's great, but in order to be in a place where it's great, you have to do hard work; you need money.
No you don't. Seen it go down without those things many a time. People like to fuck.

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
I think that for many in today's society, finding a woman that wants to be with them sexually without a money inducement can be difficult if not impossible. As you say, some of the reasons for this may be a crap attitude, an unkempt body or them just not being attractive to women. People can certainly improve in these areas.
And if they do not, I don't have enough sympathy to promote the buying of someones' body for them any more than I would give a baby to every couple who is physically incapable of doing so naturally but decides they want a child anyway. Some people are just not parent material and no amount of money should compensate for that lack.
I don't think prostitutes should be arrested for making money via sex but that isn't what makes this tacky to me. Its the buying side of things. Even in places where prostitution is legal, human trafficking still happens. Comparing this to relationships of any kind involving consenting sex is a gloss over to make it more palatable. Saying someone not being able to get sex as easily as someone else should be a problem to solve with money sounds a whole lot like thinking a banker pulling loan fraud to get the same car his buddy who didn't resort to fraud is sound logic.

Originally Posted by Scott View Post
I think that a large part of the problem is our society itself, with all these notions that you can only be in love with one person. Personally, the fear that a woman will become possessive with me is a large part of the reason that I frequently don't even try with most women.
But you wouldn't be with the woman you fear wants to possess you if she sweetens the deal with some money would you? What if you were desperate? Would you do it then? What if this was always an option people offered for consideration to you in times of monetary strife? Or are we joking about retaining the ability to pay a prostitute to leave rather than for the sex? Is it poor form if the sex worker lets the client know the sex act is one done of desperation or do they usually wait for the client to ask? Do you ask?
I have lurked on here for over a year and never seen this purchaser and purchasee element fondly remembered when people talk happily about their relationships and I find it odd for it to be compared to them.
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