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Default dealing with anxiety

I thought it might be helpful for me if I noted down a few of the things I do / have done for anxiety that helps.

Learning and trying new things is a big one - particularly things that are done with other people.

Exercise - taking up running a few years ago really helped

Jobs - I once worked in a call centre which helped with my fear of using phones. I also worked once for a company that liked their staff to be able to stand up to people in power over them. That was great for my self esteem.

Talking about it - I find that lots of the time people who I think are really calm and non-anxious actually do struggle with it. Talking about it helps find those people and also helps the people who are not at all anxious understand why I might seem worried sometimes.

Being around the right people - especially when dealing with a source of anxiety. I find I need people who don't share that particular anxiety but who are respectful about listening to my boundaries about how far I can go in dealing with it on any given day.

Knowing that change takes time - this was a big one for me. I used to expect myself to get over things quickly and now I don't. It takes as long as it takes and I've learnt to appreciate the time spent for itself.

Knowing when anxiety is warranted - sometimes I am overly anxious and sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm worried more than others because I have a better understanding of what's going on and therefore am much more aware of the need to be careful and be a bit anxious.

Appreciating my anxiety - there are times when I think it does hold me back. But there are also times when it's a good way to be. It can help sometimes to keep me more watchful and to remind me to go slowly about change. These can be useful.

Pushing boundaries slowly - there is a balance I find between being a bit out of my comfort zone which is good and being utterly terrified - which is not so good. So I tend to take my time with boundary pushing.

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