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When I first said "go at the pace of the slowest" it stuck and I wish it hadn't simply because I don't think people are slow. They are struggling, but not slow. Slowing down to accommodate their pace is "going at the pace of the one who is struggling the most." Emotions, fears, threats and conditioning take time to experience and work through.

Its not a matter of just saying "no" to the question "Is it too much to ask for just the ability to sleep with one or two (previously discussed) people?" Its a matter of learning how to balance ones needs and desires with integrity, honest and open communication and consideration (empathy). Your freedom is important, sure, but, in my opinion, it isn't freedom if its at the expense of another. True freedom lies in committing to the stability and health of all those in your life by acting and thinking in ways that accommodate them and still move you closer to your goals. Its a journey of treating others as you would like others to treat you (
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