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Originally Posted by AnotherConfused View Post
...I also think what he needs more than, say, lazy Sunday mornings in bed with the paper, is to go out in public and have me devote my attention to him in front of other people. Or maybe it's in front of certain people? There's definitely some need that has to do with public perception of our marriage, which feels ridiculous to me but is obviously important to him.
Oh, my ex had a lot of similarities to your hubs. Is your husband a Leo? My ex is, and although I don't put much stock into astrology anymore, he did always love being the favorite, the star, the one on top. It was never enough to be acknowledged or praised, the thing that thrilled him more was to be acknowledged or praised in front of other people. It's so natural to him to want that, it seemed to hold more meaning to him when his place in life (whether related to his work or our marriage) was observed by others. He never understood my shyness about things like that.
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