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Originally Posted by faraday View Post
How do you feel about this level of communication? Would you be okay with S treating you the way he is treating his wife?

Originally Posted by faraday View Post
You feel like you need to put there relationship first... but you decided to stop using protection and change the kind of sex they have within there marriage (He needs to start using condoms with her) without talking with her about it? She still doesn't know that they two of you made this choice for her? That doesn't sound like you putting there relationship first... honestly that doesn't sound like you were thinking about there relationship at all.

Although I think the condom-issue was born out of self-preservation, and rightly so, if the wife won`t talk to her. However, in my world, fucking does not happen AT ALL unless I know what page everyone else is on, and they know what page I am on.

I also remember when I thought fluid-bonding was a big deal. It isn`t.
The stress of worrying about who does what with who, and when, pretty much kills the libido, I find.
The same kink/desire for fluid-bonding, can be put onto condom-bonding.

I am condom-bonded, and happier for it.
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