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Wow... I would be very worried if I was in your shoes. You are making all kinds of plans (and taking actions, like fluid bonding) without talking to or even really thinking about his wife. That seems like it's going to blow up.

I would be very upset if my partner decided to become fluid bonded with another and didn't talk with me about it. Not to mention making plans to move in.

How do you feel about this level of communication? Would you be okay with S treating you the way he is treating his wife? Do you want to live with him and his wife? It seems like a big commitment with someone you didn't feel the need to share big life decisions with.

You feel like you need to put there relationship first... but you decided to stop using protection and change the kind of sex they have within there marriage (He needs to start using condoms with her) without talking with her about it? She still doesn't know that they two of you made this choice for her? That doesn't sound like you putting there relationship first... honestly that doesn't sound like you were thinking about there relationship at all.

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