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I`m sorry, but I`d rather conclude the discussion here, Scott. As I feel we would be going around in circles. I simply wanted to present a scientific argument I was exposed to that seemed to go against SBD; and I summarized it to the best of my ability when you asked me to.

Like I said, at this juncture I am more interested in the specifics of my experience and my feelings. To the extent that I needed those feelings explained by outside evidence, I have done research to my heart`s content.

I am actually trying to be polyamorous, rather than establish whether or not humans in general are polyamorous. And, that in-itself has been a lifelong struggle.

If ever I feel I need more research done, or if my experience contradicts what I`ve researched at some latter date; I`ll pick it up again and take your points into consideration.

Thank you.
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