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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Wow ....I went off the title . BURNT out.

Not I need a little space...or a break.

The OP has been in a long-distance relationship with Steve for four years, and then:
Originally Posted by Bless View Post
He now lives a few minutes away from Jack and I, and we are able to hang out all the time.

...for the first 2 weeks after Steve moved here, I couldn't get enough of him. But now it seems that only a relatively small amount of time with him each week is enough for me. I can't really handle more than that. It's not caused by conflict or anything, it's just... a feeling of burn-out, of needing space from him.
I don't think she wants to toss away four years and say she's burned out on the whole thing to call it quits just yet - they went from LDR to being together all the time. That is a big change to make.

OP, it would appear to me to be an adjustment period, and you two just need to ascertain how much time you want to spend together. But Dinged did ask some very good questions in one of his posts, regarding expectations. What were they?

I'm also wondering if Steve has other relationships too.
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