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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I was looking for YOUR definition as you referred to it in terms of some poly people being sex negative.

I find it hard to vote as they all three have a sexual component, yet sex work and swinging are typically for work or sport... then again some poly people have sport sex and I have friends in the sex trade that are poly identified. Hmmm, difficult.
Got it, I`m sorry.

Yeah, I too find it difficult to make a clean distinction between them all. Especially because, to me, there is always some level of feeling to sex, and vice-versa. Easy though to make a distinction in terms of emphasis: polyamory - relationships; prostitution - work; swinging - casual sex.

I also seem to identify some sex-negativity in swinging too, though, believe it or not. Or, to put it another way, it`s very gendered sex-negativity whereby, understandably, male libido is held in scorn and female libido is put on a pedestal...If for no other reason than the law of offer and demand.

So, to a man, the rhetoric is that you should be looking for "friends", that it isn`t "all about sex", etc. Also, extreme hypocrisy concerning prostitution. As I later found out, prostitutes posing as wives are the lifeblood in many a swinger club, yet kept hush hush.

So, since we`re talking about married couples mostly in search of unicorns, the female is your price of entry (as it is in porn). In my 20s, I tried to "penetrate" the swinging world as a lifestyle single man; I felt I was basically denied entry without trial. Although, I am admittedly uncompromising concerning gender double-standards and passive-aggressiveness around sex.
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