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I think it might be too early to tell if this is burnec out or just struggling to juggle time and energy. If this were a year after he moved there and they had a set schedule of visits and dates and she was saying she is burnt out, then I would suggest she tell him that, apologize and break up with him, but it isn't... its a short amount of time since he moved there... they spent tons of time together at the beginning and now she seems to need a break. That makes total sense to me.

To me it doesn't seem valid that she is burned out for the long haul because there has been no long haul, so why say something that is unclear and hurtful if it could be untrue. She could destroy a perfectly good relationship simply because she needed a break to regroup and come up with some better boundaries.

On the other hand, usually someone who is burned out is done. If that is the case then why beat around the bush. Say good bye and sorry, but it wasn't what she thought it would be.
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