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If she is willing to discuss opening up her triad then great, but it sounds like so far she isn't. It isn't any of your business to be concerned about her triad I don't think. ESPECIALLY if you are crushing out on her. I would guess that it will be seen as you being a "cowboy" and trying to take her away from the situation.

I think if I were in your situation I would leave it with her that you are interested, listen to her when she talks about her triad and keep my mouth shut and my hands off of her. At least until such time as you are invited to speak of your concerns as it pertains to you and her starting a relationship, not what your judgment is of her triad. This is a recipe for trouble with your possible metamours I think. In my experience, if the metamour relationship is a struggle there is little hope of a solid, healthy relationship. I think its best if you can manage to keep you opinions to yourself.
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