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Well, I can tell by what nycindie said, that I'm missing background that might make me sound wiser than I do right now. But, typical of me, I can't keep my mouth shut anyway.

He said, "Most couples would have..."

Well, it's not about what most couples would have. It's about the two of you. If he has a need that's not being met--you waiting for him to finish eating--it's up to him to speak up. Now, keep in mind that sometimes it isn't so easy to identify what the missing need is. I'm having a bit of a jealousy problem right now, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's causing it--and this is in an established relationship. Nothing is new.

Perhaps the two of you can find an activity that *doesn't* cause strife, that you do as a couple with the intent of spending the time focusing on each other and no one else. Maybe being the center of your attention for a certain amount of time would help him feel less needy of your attention the rest of the time. (or, I could be completely off base. You're the lucky recipient of my free time tonight, whether I'm helpful or not.)
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