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Here`s an outline back when I studied those videos. I don`t know how intelligible it is. Feel free to ask me questions.

Great Apes --- evolutionary biology on the level of individual competition (vs. species/group cooperation)

a) greater sex dimorphism;

b) gorillas - pair-bonding and sexual competition (rape, etc.): small testis; silverback alpha; infanticide;

c) bonobos - polygyny: sperm competition; (copulation calls?); lice-grooming; bisexuality;

d) chimps - large/external testis; sexual coercion of female (battery); alphas attacked by packs of betas; mate guarding; male polygyny; female hypergamy; sexual selection (fitness); mating displays; infanticide

e) homosapiens - medium-sized testis; altricial infants; serial pair-bonding? (related to weaning?); greater mutation;
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