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I guess I'm talking more about meeting on-line than knowing someone and moving away Ceoli. Knowing someone first would mean that you know you get along on a day to day basis and are physically attracted. On line that is blurred considerably. That's not to say that one can't flirt, tell secrets, be loving and talk about ideas and day to day stuff. I just find more and more people on line are far more trusting and ready to make a relationship more than it is. Those boundaries some times need clarifying quickly.

Hodge I feel for you and my heart is breaking for you already. Knowing my dear Mono's heart he would never be able to do it I don't think.

I live in a Navy city where some of my friends say good bye to their spouses for up to 6 monthes at a time. I see how it effects them and their families. How kids are raised to not bond entirely with their parent. I'm a strong believer in "attachment theory" when it comes to raising kids. I love the whole global community thing but really do best with the old school ways of working towards my community being around me and tangable.

That being said I love you folks on here and feel the love from you back. I give it back too but I like to think in context of that distance. How many times have people come on here and taken it all way too seriously? Its all tied in for me. For me context is so important when thinking of long distant relationships.
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