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Communication is hard when its something like this situation. I don't think you have to tell him you are burned out on him. I would suggest that maybe you are burned out on having two lovers who are now in the same city. I have three in the same city and my burn out level runs high. I love all of them dearly. But there is only so much "being together" I can manage if I don't remember to look after my most important relationship; the one with my self.

I think if I were in your situation I would sweetly tell him that you are so pleased he is closer to you and that you love him; that now he lives near its time to create some agreements around how much time you spend together and how long that time is. Its completely reasonable to ask for this I think. Reasonable and healthy for all of you.

For me a date once a week and an over night was good for me and Mono (we live together now). PN I lived with and we organize time together daily. With Derby we have a date a month (about) coffee dates every couple of weeks and socialize together with our friends. I had a bf that I only saw once a month and spoke to via text every couple of days. It really depends on what works for both of you. Try something out and go from there with more or less time as indicated by what works for you both.
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