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Hi Confused,

My wife went through this, as did several friends of ours. One has embraced the poly, another has determined due to her religious feelings she must be straight regardless of her feelings, and another decided she couldn't "handle" the stress of a multi-person relationship.

And my wife is eager for an open marriage.

4 people there, half went for poly, half didn't. Coming to grips with it can be frightening and relieving. Finding someone can be frustrating and exhilarating. When you break it down to the simple form, I'm not sure it's that different than a "straight" and "mono" relationship.

You find someone you're attracted to, are you compatible? Do you hold similar views, goals, beliefs? If any of those are different, are they compatible?

The idea of being open about polyamory to family and friends can be tricky. I've come out to my family, my dad has been entirely accepting, my mom ignores the idea. My wife feels that her family couldn't handle the idea and would be entirely upset. (However, if she came how and was lesbian with a female partner, they'd be more accepting). For many Americans (if that is indeed where you're from), have a hard time separating sluts and poly people in their mind. (Probably because there isn't a common and positive media portrayal, but that's another story).

Why does the thought overwhelm you?
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