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Default About Her and Him

Hi. For now I'll leave us at Him and Her, we're a couple, and this is being handled by the Him end of it.

We're young, 23-24, we've been married since 2007, and date 2-3 years before that. Early in our relationship, which began in high school of course, my now-wife decided that she was indeed bi. While at college together, she's explored an extra-marital relationship (with all my blessing and more!). That relationship sort of went poly-triad for awhile but our third went her own way. (Still talk often, but she didn't feel the same as we did is all). We've dabbled since then, meeting a few that started to go somewhere but fizzled out. Currently, we're very open to the idea of a third member, and we sought her out for a long time. however, at this point, I'm not so sure we'll find her. (Reading the success stories on this website made me feel great, it's why I originally joined).

We're in the 5'-6"-8" range. She's gorgeous, slim, very athletic. He's comically short, good looking but scruffy, and very athletic. We study martial arts together and have traveled because of this. She studies dance (belly dance most of all). We're major dorks, doing a dorky things such as reading comics, watching Star Wars, reading fantasy novels, and playing a tabletop RP game online. He is very outgoing, she is shy but gradually becoming outgoing.

We're prepared to move on to our graduate degree and that's the next big step in our life, and because of that, will probably leave Michigan.

We've a vibrant and enjoyable sex life. We've never had a martial problem we can't deal with. I feel we're a very solid and serious couple that laughs a lot. Because of this, I think, we can be intimidating to potential thirds... can they fit into what we have? The answer to that is where there is love, things grow and change. Her dreams became my dreams and vice versa.

That's a lot! I figure why not get some of it out front? Feel free to PM if anything catches your eye, whether you're interested in us or just want to know more about our experience, or penpals, etc.
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