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Originally Posted by Scott View Post
Response to Post#11, Part 1

I only saw the first 3 minutes of that (gruesome stuff), I think I get the picture. But Sex at Dawn doesn't argue that we've evolved (or rather devolved) into some rather brutal practices at times; he's saying that in hunter gatherer tribal societies, it didn't work like this.
Yes, I would guess that would be the argument in Sex at Dawn.

I just wanted to offer the counter-argument, but you would have to go further than the first 3 minutes to see it explicitly made. I think we`ve reached an impasse here.

To be quite honest, I will probably never read Sex at Dawn because I am, for now at least, satisfied with what I've got in explaining my experience. You seem to be in a similar position. *high five*

I am also more focused on actual personal experience and feelings (in myself and others), than the theoretical stuff behind polyamory.

Hence, the reason why I asked you if you had partners. I would love to discuss your actual experiences and feelings, rather than theory. But, I also understand people process their feelings differently, and some choose to do it through books.
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