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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
What is the definition of "sex-negative" please? Who is this person in the videos? Thanks.
I`m surprised you would ask, since "sex-negative" is in this site`s terms and definitions thread you helped compile.

I would go further than the definition there, however, to say that sex-negativity includes a hierarchy between "love" and sex, which usually extends itself to "mind/spirit" vs. body.

In other words, it is derived from Platonic/Christian tradition in which spirit is superior and separate from the body.

The implication being that casual sex, or sex for sex's sake is inferior (or, downright morally reprehensible) to "love"; or, to put it into other words, that sex is only justifiable when "love" is present.

In which case, most prostitution would be reprehensible by definition. I think it would be wishy-washy to pretend that prostitution is "about love", but I have fallen in love with prostitutes and prostitutes have fallen in love with me. So, it does happen on rare occasions.

It took me a long time, and probably over 80 prostitutes, to realize that almost every (if not all) prostitutes have their "special client(s)", who eventually does not pay. It also took me some painful experiences in the track to realize that my ultimate desire when out looking for prostitutes is to be loved. And, how inadequate a way of going about it it is. I am nowadays much more careful about seeing prostitutes repeated times, precisely to protect my feelings against being unrequited.

Much has been said about the vulnerability of prostitutes and their feelings, but I feel a lot more has to be said about the vulnerability of johns. Yet, I do not wish to make it a pity party. Both prostitutes and johns consent to what they do, so if it hurts them, it`s up to them to stop it. I am definitely in favor of full legalization wherever it occurs. And, it does not always hurt. It can and is fun to both parties most of the time.

I would rather say that prostitution can be a precarious substitute for love in the event that one cannot find it in non-pay situations.
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