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Originally Posted by polyFM View Post
Sperm Wars made sex really awkward for me for a while... as soon as I understood that my penis is shaped the way it is so it can scoop other dudes' "deposits" out of vaginas, I just became more anthropological in bed. Awesome book though.
Sex at Dawn mentions that too. Anyway, what I think is awesome is the idea that humanity's nature is so polyamorous by nature that our genes actually evolved ways of dealing with this fact, laugh :-p. Apparently we're the only primate (or any other animal for that matter) that has a "scooper". I think it adds a whole new meaning to the notion of "so the last will be the first, and the first the last", as well as sleeping with a woman; clearly the guy who falls asleep with the woman on any given night is the one who's most likely to impregnate her ;-).
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