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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Don't limit yourself to dating only people who label themselves poly or belong to poly groups, etc. In most places, that would be a very small community. There are plenty of "civilians" who are open to non-exclusivity and have never heard the word "polyamory" before. Just be honest whenever you approach someone.
I agree with this statement completely. That is how I found myself on these forums, last year, after re-evaluating my past monogamous relationships (7 years, 3 years and on and off with a couple of others in a matter of months) I met someone that plainly and honestly said "Maybe you're not wired to be sexually monogamous."

That not only made sense to me, but it opened up a window (then a door, a plane and a space-shuttle at warp speed) into my new understanding of myself and honest-communication.

In that time, I too have been honest with people I meet, let it be a hook-up, monogamous, poly, etc. I say what I'm looking for, can honestly say that I'm not looking to be sexually monogamous and those that understand, accept it, those that don't, don't. Save's us all a lot of trouble.
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