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Im still quite new to the definition of poly, as I have always been poly, but never knew of the definition persay either.

but wanted to respond to this,
My husband believes that there will be souls in life that intregue us, that we will often fall deeply for. I feel as he does, that there are ppl out there that u will love and care deeply for and hence generally where my poly ideals come from.

Hubby is similar however in that he is not specifically poly, although he is open to the idea that one day he may find a girlfriend, he really is very mono in PRACTICE, although poly in PHILOSOPHY...if that makes sense.

I have not ever set him up with anyone, but have tried to get an understanding of what he may be looking for in life. I would be lying to say it didnt thrill me to see him interested or looking at another girl from time to time, to know that I am not hurting him or 'leaving him in the dust' with who I am and MORE so, who he allows me to be day in and out.

So, although I can agree that this could be problematic for both parties, setting up a date night persay, I can also relate to the feeling of connection that Radiance is seeking from her partner. The connection being a simple understanding of how she feels being understood by her partner whom she cares deeply for and does not want to hurt because she is who she is, but the hubby does not view HIS life that way.

I live every day, day in to day out, hoping that I never hurt my hubby because of the way that I am. I pray in great thanks each of those days for the unconditional LOVE and RESPECT that he gives to me for being EVERYTHING that I am, inside and out.

just wanted to share...
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