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This woman sounds as if she really just doesn't care what you think or feel. It sounds as if she doesn't think you are worth anything and that she can do whatever because of it. She sounds addicted to cheating and doesn't know or care to work on that and instead is turning it around and making you the one that is to blame in this (likely because she thinks you are worthless and a failure). This is really very sad.

You are not worthless, you are not a failure and you can do better. Stop proving to her and yourself that you are not able to rise to the occasion of being an responsible adult and get moving on making you life better. I have a hard time believing that there is no job for you out there. Why is it that you are not working? What is going on that you have not accomplished this? Ask yourself these questions and get on with doing something about it.

Where were you before you met her? If you could live without her before, you will live without her now. She is not healthy for you it seems to me. A warm body sleeping beside you is not a relationship. It sounds like you are unable to take care of yourself let alone a healthy relationship. I think you need to focus on your relationship with yourself first by making some moves in life to better your situation.
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