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I think it can mean bad or good things.

When we experience overwhelming emotions, whether good or bad, we can react in ways we don't expect or understand. I was extremely happy and blissed out with first-time triad energy over xmas a few years back, and for no reason at all turned into a angry, screaming, crying lunatic. I was so happy, I literally didn't know how to handle it all. My emotional "muscles" got exhausted and I crashed. That's why I think crying may not always be a bad thing, even if you don't understand it.

Whatever emotions are bottled up from the past can matter, too. It's possible to be crying about past stuff once you're in a happy emotional place because you have emotional "space" to process things. It could be a sign of your self-protective barriers coming down. That you really trust the person you're with.

Of course, I had another partner who was severely depressed and frequently cried without a specific reason. She just felt comfortable enough around me to let it out, but it wasn't something that she could work out herself.

Introspect. Give yourself time to examine your thoughts and emotions. It's the only way I know to figure yourself out. If you get tired of that, that's when you should probably seek out professional help.

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