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Default Are tears a sign of love?

I've had many experiences with Adam (see below for explanation) where I well up with tears....It seems magnetic almost, like when I'm in close proximity to him tears get pulled out of me. Sometimes they seem beautiful and sourced from our shared past, sometimes they feel out of fear or anger and confusion, sometimes mourning, sometimes celebration, mostly all of those mixed together. I get frustrated though that I end up crying, and not saying what's on my mind. Is this a defense mechanism of sorts? Why does Adam "make me cry"? Are overwhelming tears a reliable indicator of _______?

I read bit of the book "True Love" by thich nhat han the other day, and though I can't remember it exactly, the gist of the quote was that "if love always makes you cry it's not love, perhaps it's even the opposite".

I'm wondering if other people have experienced magnetic/overwhelming tears with certain partners. I'm feeling confused as to whether it's a sign of deep love and longing for Adam (fear of losing him, etc.) or a sign that I should be more distanced from him.

I have yet to cry around Alexander (my latest boyfriend). In contrast I feel healthy and strong around him. I don't feel the almost choking weakness of tears like with Adam.
Adam tells me that he loves me deeply, and I literally get chocked up, and can hardly breathe. Is this because I have deep wounds that make it hard for me to accept/believe his love? Or is it because I am still angry he hasn't shown love at times in the way I needed it?

Thoughts? Experiences? Questions I could be asking myself?
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