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Default maybe academic

Hi Lola,

My personal feelings are that a discussion like this might be largely academic and although it would be beneficial for those so inclined - maybe everyone to a degree - we might ask "What's the REAL importance of the underlying issue?"
Although familiar with the term from years back I have personally drifted to using the term "infatuation" in these type of discussions. I think it's a term that's more widely used and understood and it technically bridges both the others (I feel).
If you think about it - the root of the discussion when this usually appears is around the difference between the early feelings of connection vs the feelings that have.......settled in (?) after a relationship has matured to some degree.
Those feelings are often very different (like anything that's matured- wine or people). The time period this takes is subject to wide variability and subject to a wide range of factors.
And to me - that's where the "meat" of the discussion and learning lie - maybe rather the the technical definition of terminology.

Make any sense ?
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