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Last fall I suddenly got really polysaturated like you are. (See recent posts in my blog here for details.) I have a primary, we spend half the week together, and then one month after another, 3 lovely men came into my life.

I've had several bfs before, but most of them were a once every 3 or 4 weeks date deal. Two of my 3 new guys wanted to see me once a week this time!

I finally worked it out to see Ginger once a week and the Gent about every other week. Sadly, though luckily, the Hottie decided to go mono with his other lady friend and recently broke up with me.

It was hard work those first few months making time for everyone, and time for myself to recharge as well, and do other activities, like work! and volunteer, and shop, and auto maintenance and all that stuff.

Now things are settling into a nice pattern. Not to say it was all hard work. It's been great! Fun! Fabulous!

Maybe you could put the more casual bfs on hold for 2-3 weeks and focus on the beloveds and see how that goes for a bit.
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