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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I've hurt people before with this as they thought it was something it wasn't and been recentful towards them for demanding my time when its over. It just really wouldn't be fair to anyone. I have to be clear with my boundaries when it comes up. On line romances just aren't for me.
I just make sure with any connections that are maintained online that those limitations are very clear between the two of us. I also only maintain online connections with people I knew originally in real life and proximity and then got separated by distance. I just can't see turning off feelings for them despite the distance. I can definitely see recognizing the limitations of it, but that's all part of letting a relationship be what it is rather than stuffing it into some expectation of what we think it should be. Especially with having moved great distances, I would lose some very amazing people in my life if I let distance separate us.
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